Confluent platform quick start

using the Oracle developer VM to start with (save time for Centos OS, etc)


Fix during the steps
1. Change the port of registry in the properties file


(if the port 8081 is being used)

2. to start the avro producer, specify the registry url since the default port 8081 is changed

./usr/bin/kafka-avro-console-producer –broker-list localhost:9092 –topic test –property value.schema='{“type”:”record”,”name”:”myrecord”,”fields”:[{“name”:”f1″,”type”:”string”}]}’ –property schema.registry.url=http://localhost:8087

change the path accordingly for starting the zookeeper, kafka and registry

 ./bin/kafka-server-start ./etc/kafka/


 ./usr/bin/kafka-server-start ./etc/kafka/

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